Welcome to UniOSC!

UniOSC is a tool to easy create Unity3d applications which can be controlled by hard/software that uses the OSC protocol for communication. OSC is protocol for distributed systems that is mainly used in the music industry and is often used as an alternative to MIDI. If you need more information about OSC please visit . You can use UniOSC to send/receive OSC messages to/from other devices that are connected via Wi-Fi or create your own GUI-app for controlling another Unity application via OSC but it is strongly recommended to use a third party software like TouchOSC for creating the GUI part. For more info about TouchOSC please visit

Works on all major platforms

Tested on Windows, OSX, IOS & Android.
Runs with Unity 4 or 5.
(For mobile platform publishing with Unity 4 you need Unity Pro!)

Works in editor & playmode

You''re not limited to changes in playmode. Make persistent changes to your gameObjects in the editor or write your own editor remote control.

Full c# code

If want to tweak UniOSC for your own needs your have access to the full source code to make the changes you need.

Send & Receive OSC data

Unicast, Multicast or Broadcast option

No coding for OSC ready system

With just a couple of clicks you can make your Unity system OSC ready. No coding!

Use TouchOSC as a remote control

You can write your own remote app or use the incredible TouchOSC from Hexler.

Trace data flow

Use the trace option to see what OSC messages are going in/out. Easy debug problems with your connections.