Version 1.4

I submitted version 1.4 to the Assetstore

– Class based versions of OSCEventTarget and OSCDispatcher
You can now handle OSC messages in classes that don’t derive from MonoBehaviour. This makes it possible to work only in code and in editors
– Created a demo editor to show the new class based feature to use in Unity Editors
– Added a demo scene with class based sending and receiving
– Fixed a bug with the explicit connection mode (OSC data of OSCEventDispatchers was always
reset when a status changed event was fired from a OSCConnection)
– Added a ClearData method to the OSCEventDispatcher class so you can clear the OSC data
– Added an OSCMessageReceived event to the OSCEventTarget classes. This event is additionally fired when the OnOSCMessageReceived method is called
-Documentation update

This new update is more for coders who want to create a OSC setup from scripts. I tried to provide all the features you have with components. The only thing you can’t create from code is a OSCConnection.